What customers can expect from us:
  • Provide clear communication regarding the cost and type of repairs needed for your vehicle. 
  • Suggest preventative maintenance services as they become due. Our goal is to repair your vehicle for longevity of service and cost effectiveness. 
  • Provide our honest assessment as to whether needed repairs exceed your vehicles value taking into consideration other potential problems. 
  • Answer all your questions regarding the repairs we are providing so that you have a clear understanding of what is being done. 
  • Provide properly trained personnel to maintain and repair your vehicle. 
  • Provide limited shuttle transportation. Rental cars are available through a local agency for reasonable rates.
  • Select customers who will partner with us, share a mutual respect, and are seeking quality vehicle care on a long term basis. 

S&V Auto Repair has the reputation of providing our customers with the peace of mind to know that their automotive needs are tended to carefully and thoroughly.     

Our Master Automobile Technician is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Request to see the credentials when you come in for your next appointment.

So that we may handle your vehicle efficiently, please call to schedule an appointment. 

Owner/Technician Sam Varano is a member of the International Automotive Technicians Network